“Poems open a doorway to the heart and soul. Poets have their heads in the clouds, seeing love and beauty and how the world can be a better place. They also have their feet on the ground, seeing sadness and pain and how things could have been. These poems help you look inside and trace the emotions of your own life from the beginning to right now.”

About the Authors

This is the first collaboration of this father/daughter in the world of publishing. David Alkek, MD, a native Texan, is a dermatologist in Dallas who has been a teacher, lecturer, and scientific writer. He has published three award-winning books, including two novels.

Ashley Alkek graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in creative writing with honors. She lives in Austin, where she works and writes. Her studies and work in Europe, Australia, and Asia provide her with colorful material.

Some of their poems are on the lighter side, some serious, some philosophical. All are full of feeling. They hope you enjoy them.


“David and Ashley Alkek take you on a poetic journey, while examining the wonders of our world and the mystery and meaning of life. Their poetry may guide your own voyage in answering questions and questioning answers.”

--- Paul Tobolowsky, MD, author of Stardust Dancing

“David and Ashley have compiled a collection of poems which lend insight into their lives, David’s the hindsight of a poet’s later years, Ashley the gifted young poet whose talent is blooming. Together they have a selection of poems that are very enjoyable to read.”

---Robert Duchouquette, MD, author of The Accidental Physician Poet
and past-president of the Texas Poetry Society

This lovely collection of poetry opens the doors of understanding of two people, a young woman writer, and her father, a practicing physician; speaking from two completely diverse worlds. And each brings moments of delight, moments of “Yes! I hear you!” to the reader. Compelling and vivid…this is a work to savor…to feast on slowly, like a once in a lifetime great meal.

Ginnie Siena Bivona, poet, author and publisher.



A saga of political intrigue, fratricidal wars, murders and assassinations, and epic battles paint this picture of ancient Greece.  Requiem for Athens traces the life of the fictional character, Phidias, as he is entangled in the political turmoil of Athens, injured in battles and enveloped by love.  He is torn from his love to follow Aristotle to teach the young Alexander.  Then he accompanies the charismatic conqueror in his exploits.

A fascinating adventure into the politics, sexual mores and philosophy of ancient Greece, this sweeping epic provides a unique perspective of the outstanding personalities in this exciting page of history.


“I would read more historical fiction from this author.
I only wish history books were this interesting.
H. Haugstad

“I felt throughout the book that I was watching through a crack in time,
witnessing events as a carefree observer.”
Hope H.

“Each man and woman’s character speaks for itself, through triumph and tragedy.” H.H.

“Combines adventure in a historical context with descriptive battles,
political atmosphere, and valid social aspects.”

“I enjoyed this book, a look at a fascinating and important
period of history through a fictional lens.”

"The comments on what happened to a society that loses its middle class are timely.
It could be read as a commentary on today’s world.
" K. Burrow

"David Alkek proves that historians can also write a good novel.
His characters are alive and interesting.
" Wm. Carpenter



There is a serial killer in Dallas, Texas and Fatal Philosophy delves into the mind and twisted philosophy of the devious murderer in his choice of victims.  Detective Jason Colbert receives a coded message from the sophisticated killer and joins up with Doris Goodman, a psychologist and member of the Philosophy Club, in searching for the culprit.

Jason and Doris put the complicated pieces together, which lead to the Philosophy Club.

Jason has a character flaw, which hinders him.  He is also under intense pressure from the D.A. to solve the crimes.

Who is the murderer and why is he committing his crimes?


“This story held my interest with its unique plot and realistic characters,” Hilda, Dallas

“The pieces to the puzzle as well as the philosophical
thinking of the murderer lead the detective in this novel.”
Katherine Boyer

“The writer’s refreshing style moves the characters and plot in a believable manner.” Ann Julian

“A fun read, I couldn’t put it down," Rob, Dallas

“A very entertaining murder mystery with a great twist at the end.
Looking forward to his next book.” 
Sandy W.



Starting with the Big Bang, Dr. David Alkek uses evidence-based science to show how the universe, life, and humans have grown in form, organization and complexity.  It explores the evolution of Homo sapiens and human societies and the development of morals and ethics.  The book then progresses to philosophical questions such as the purpose of our lives and the ultimate future of the universe. 

Science is confronted with philosophy, including the idea of ultimate truth. This book proposes a new paradigm, an Ultimate Reality, for science, philosophy, and religion.   It also approaches questions that have been asked by humans for ages.

Self-Creating Universe” deduces that the universe, life, and human societies have an innate purpose as part of a universal reality.

Dr. Alkek, a searcher for the truth, states, “I am awestruck as was Einstein, by the exquisite beauty, complexity, and intricate working of the universe, life, and human society.”


“A book that is easy reading while simplifying complex ideas.” Dallas Review

“This book is fascinating, educational, and a must-read for anyone
who wonders about the universe.”
Godfrey Traub

“A thought-provoking blend of astronomy, physics, history and humanity,
heartily recommended for the intellectually curious.
Donald Steine
“Raises intriguing ideas about how we came to be and,
even more exciting, where we may be going.”
Dr. Dan Siegel